December 17, 2013

The coming end to 2013

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How was 2013 for you? Smooth, Rough, Fun, Terrible, challenging? All of the above?

Hahaha….For me it was “All of the above”.

Pretty much every year is the same depending how you look at it. I spent a year in Bangkok and had a pretty good time…performing that is. I met and performed with some amazing musicians in Thailand, both Thai and Non-Thai. I was very happy and blessed to have had the Erik Hargrove & Friends show at The EH and Friends SaxPub 2013Saxophone Pub in Bangkok thanks to Neung Jakkawal.

Neung is one of the most sought after pianist/bandleaders in Thailand. The musicians in his band are all top notch performers.

Another reason why the Erik Hargrove & Friends was special was because my wonderful girlfriend Lily Anna was a special guest singer on the show and she Killed It!!! There were many such guests that showed up and sat-in on the show. (hence the “….& Friends” part). Koh Mr. Saxman and many others were setting the place on fire.

Anyway, there were MANY memorable musical times in Thailand and around Asia, but that all has come to a close since I’m not back in the U.S. with Bootsy Collins and we have 2 more shows to close out the year and I’m very much looking forward to them. We’ll be kicking off 2014 with The Jam Cruise Jan 4-9.

Do continue to check my calendar on for more updates. Also, please subscribe to my blog. Just so I know that I’m not just writing to myself.  Ha!


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