December 15, 2013

Friday The 13th Strikes & WordPress and Facebook Integration

Blogger Grove

Blogger Grove

Well, it seems that while being on tour, things can and will go wrong….just like in normal life right?¬†

Friday The 13th struck the Bootsy Collins Band coming out of Cincinnati, Ohio last night with a busted trailer AND bus. The band and crew tried, without success, to make it in two vans to Terminal 5 in New York before our scheduled performance. Disappointing to everyone involved, but there it is. What can ya do?

On a different matter… I’m trying to sync my WordPress Blog with both Facebook accounts in order to streamline it all. There are LOTS of finagling to be done. Maybe one of you brains out there will help me along. Hahaha

Also, PLEASE subscribe to my blog. You can do this by adding a comment at the end of the blog and it will take you to the appropriate screen to sign up.

Stay tuned for lots more as I get used to this Blogging thang.

CHEERS,  Erik or Blogger Grove

December 13, 2013

Traveling to New York

Ok… So, I’m driving to the Metro to get to Reagan National Airport and I get a call that the bus and trailer that has the other members of the band AND our equipment has broke down.

Apparently, the bus is ok, but the trailer is not.

I was asked what equipment that I needed for the show because they were going to put stuff in the bus. I had to do a bit of quick thinking as I knew the guys were outside and freezing up in Ohio.

Cymbals, Snares, Electronics aaaand…. Oh Yeah… Sticks!!!

I REALLY hope and pray that everyone makes it on time safe and sound.


December 13, 2013

New York 13 Dec 2013

Hello everyone,

This is really just a test to see how this all works out.
I’ve never done a Blog before, but I think that I should keep and nice journal of the great things that are happening in my professional life.

Let me tell you about what’s happening tomorrow. I’ll get on a plane at 6:30Am and get to JFK around 7:45am. I’ll take the train into Manhattan and then check-in to my hotel. Later that afternoon I’ll head on over to the venue and checkout my drums and do some fine tuning. Sound Check will be soon after.

Terminal 5 is the venue. Hope to see some familiar faces.

Cheers, Erik