December 13, 2013

Traveling to New York

Ok… So, I’m driving to the Metro to get to Reagan National Airport and I get a call that the bus and trailer that has the other members of the band AND our equipment has broke down.

Apparently, the bus is ok, but the trailer is not.

I was asked what equipment that I needed for the show because they were going to put stuff in the bus. I had to do a bit of quick thinking as I knew the guys were outside and freezing up in Ohio.

Cymbals, Snares, Electronics aaaand…. Oh Yeah… Sticks!!!

I REALLY hope and pray that everyone makes it on time safe and sound.


December 13, 2013

New York 13 Dec 2013

Hello everyone,

This is really just a test to see how this all works out.
I’ve never done a Blog before, but I think that I should keep and nice journal of the great things that are happening in my professional life.

Let me tell you about what’s happening tomorrow. I’ll get on a plane at 6:30Am and get to JFK around 7:45am. I’ll take the train into Manhattan and then check-in to my hotel. Later that afternoon I’ll head on over to the venue and checkout my drums and do some fine tuning. Sound Check will be soon after.

Terminal 5 is the venue. Hope to see some familiar faces.

Cheers, Erik